Extreme sports were designed for men and women who crave adventure. Sound appealing? Try one of these extreme sports!



Volcano-boarders ascend active volcanoes in places such as Nicaragua and make their descent on toboggans. They steer and brake with their heels and can reach speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour!


Freshwater Cave Diving

Take scuba diving to the extreme and explore underwater cave systems. Divers plummet into sinkholes and can view natural formations such as stalactites, icicle type structures hanging from the roof of a cave. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has the world’s largest concentration of sinkholes.


Ice Climbing

Using fixed axes and special climbing equipment, ice climbers are able to ascend formations like frozen waterfalls and steep mountain ranges that are covered in ice. Extreme sports enthusiasts rave about the ice climbing scene in Canada.


Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is a combination of traditional watersports. While standing on a specially designed board, kitesurfers use a power kite to navigate around the ocean. Beaches in Hawaii have windy conditions that are perfect for kitesurfing.


Cheese Rolling

Cheese rollers face the dangerous task of tumbling down hillsides while chasing a round of cheese. Head to England to check out the world’s largest cheese rolling competition!



Bouldering is another form of rock climbing. However, in this extreme sport, there is no use of safety equipment and the climbers rely solely on their strength to take carry themselves to the top. In some cases, climbers use a “crash pad” when there is a bigger possibility of falling. Indoor bouldering is very popular in climbing gyms across North America.


Whitewater Rafting

Navigate through river rapids varying in difficulty aboard an inflatable raft! Some rafters also choose to adventure by kayak. The rapids are graded from 1 to 5, and anything exceeding a 5 is said to be un-raftable. Zambia is home to some of the world’s most scenic grade 5 rapids.



Take trailblazing to a new level exploring by snowmobile! The Upper Peninsula in Michigan has some of the best land to experience by snowmobile. Riders have made snowmobiling a sport by performing extreme stunts and tricks.


Partaking in any of these extreme sports is sure to get some adrenaline flowing and quench the thirst for adventure!