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Skills Every Backpacker - Brett Scott NH

Outdoor Skills Every Backpacker Should Have

To the uninitiated, backpacking might sound like one of the easiest sports in the game. After all, it doesn’t require any skills apart from the ability to walk and carry a load on one’s back, right? Actually, no. There’s far more to the activity than simply strapping on a pack and hitting the trail, which […]


Outdoor Winter Sports to Try

For some people, the winter weather makes them want to stay inside all season and wait for spring to roll around. For the rest of us, getting outdoors and enjoying the winter weather is what we look forward to all year long. The following sport activities are loved by those who don’t mind the cold, […]

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Airbnb vs. Hotels: Which is Better For Your Next Trip?

  When you’re traveling to a new location, the place where you stay overnight should be comfortable and accommodate all of your needs. Although motels and hotels were the only options in past years, Airbnb has increased in popularity for the various options that it offers. If you want to decide which choice is best […]

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