When you’ve finally decided on where to go for vacation, the next step is to figure out how to get there. If you’re planning on going somewhere further than a couple of hours, a plane will be the most convenient way to travel to your destination, although it’s not always the cheapest option. Instead of forcing yourself to drive long distances or even forgoing the vacation altogether, check out these tips to get the best possible price for airfare.


Plan Early But Not Too Early

The prices for flights typically fluctuate greatly from when they go on sale until the day it departs. We’ve all heard the phrase “the early bird gets the worm” but in the case of airfare, the early bird doesn’t necessarily get the deal. According to the CEO of FareCompare, airlines normally begin dropping the prices of their flights about 3 months before the scheduled flight. Your best bet? Booking your flight about 40-50 days in advance.


Use Incognito Browser

Along with planning your trip, you should also make sure you’re using the right kind of browser when you search for flights. If you use a regular browser to search for flights, you risk having higher rates the next time you search for the same flight. The reason for this is your searches may be recorded and will increase the price the next time you search for the same thing. Travel sites will want to trick you into thinking that the prices have gone up, making you want to buy the flights before they go up again.


Book Midweek Flights

The best way to get great airline rates is to book your travel to leave and return on week days. If you’re able to leave and come back during the week, instead of weekends when fares are higher, this will add up to a lot of savings. If you’re able to be flexible with the dates, you’re likely to be able to save some money.


Be Flexible

Be open to flying at somewhat inconvenient times because they’re less popular and more likely to be discounted. Flights very early in the morning or late at night are the best options when it comes to saving on airfare.


Use Skyscanner

The Skyscanner website and app allow you to search from any location and also any destination. If you have a particular destination in mind, you can choose to view all of the flights within the month that you’re planning on leaving and decide from there which flight to and from are the cheapest and best for your plans.


Find Airlines on Social Media

When you’re in the market for cheap airfare, look up airlines on social media and follow or friend them. Airlines sometimes update their social media sites with discounts for subscribers and upcoming travel deals.