Travelling to a brand new destination can be the thrill of a lifetime, but it can also be a stressful time if you’re not prepared. Depending on whether you’re staying in the same country you live in or travelling halfway around the world to a new culture, it’s important to be prepared for what lies ahead so you can make the most of your adventure.

The following apps are available to download on your phone that will help you navigate the new area you travel to abroad.

Amount App

One of the most confusing parts of travelling abroad is dealing with the exchange rates of different currency. If you’re from the United States and have never left the country, it can be incredibly confusing when trying to figure out monetary exchanges. Amount app takes the guesswork out of currency conversion and even helps with finding the right clothing size in a shop overseas or what the speed limit is.

Live Like a Local

Want to have a low key trip that avoids the tourist traps of major cities? Check out the Live Like a Local app that allows users to upload the hidden gems of a particular area, steering you away from places that will likely be crawling with tourists.


Do you have a tendency to lose your possessions all the time? If you are constantly misplacing your wallet or phone, Tile is a worthy investment. Tile is an app that helps you find the items that you have placed Tile trackers on. Simple stick the Tiles to whatever belongings you have that will surely be lost in no time, and the app will sound an alarm on the tile to help you find it.


When restaurants take pictures of their food, it’s often staged to look as delicious as possible. Looking on a restaurant’s website or menu will probably not give you a clear idea of what the food is going to be like. Foodspotting is an app that allows patrons of a restaurant to post pictures of the food they received so that members can know what they’re likely going to receive if they visit.


Need to keep in contact with friends or family back home while you’re abroad? International calls can be expensive and will shorten the length of the call because of the expense. Download the Viber app that allows you to make calls for free, as long as you have a wifi connection.