Brett ScottBrett Scott, an entrepreneur who has founded numerous successful businesses over the past decade, balances his professional life with a variety of hobbies and interests.

Whenever he can, Brett loves to spend time outdoors in his home state of New Hampshire. A bona fide adrenaline junkie, he loves any outdoor activity, especially racing and four-wheeling. This passion was the basis for his very first business, which he created when he was just twelve years old: Cash Today. (This company focused on buying and selling ATVs and other vehicles.) Nowadays Brett enjoys many other outdoor activities as well, such as snowmobiling and boating.

Brett is also a travel enthusiast. He typically travels for work reasons so that he can attend industry conferences or convention shows throughout the United States. However, he considers every trip an opportunity to learn something new, connect with others, and broaden his overall perspective of the world. Brett also looks for learning opportunities right at home, and he is an avid reader in his spare time.

More About Brett

Brett Scott is well-versed in business negotiations, planning, and development. A self-employed professional, he has pursued numerous entrepreneurial endeavors that have allowed him to succeed in real estate, retail, and distribution companies. He believes that employees are the foundation of every successful business. He is also interested in technology and the way that it can enable fast and effective business development.

Brett is known for his ability to “see the bigger picture,” which has enabled growth and success of multiple businesses founded and guided by him. Most recently he founded Smokers Haven Inc. and opened five retail locations for it throughout the state of New Hampshire. He went on to open a national distribution company, which saw similar success and taught Brett how to implement excellent and uniform customer service across many locations.

Prior to this, Brett Scott founded Excel Realty Investments, specializing in residential real estate ventures throughout New Hampshire. He is now tailoring his career to focus on Scott Enterprises, a company based on investing in commercial real estate properties. Brett began flipping houses when he was twenty years old. He plans to get more involved with the commercial property market in the future, and is always interested in opportunities to network or partner with other professionals in the industry.

This blog will focus on Brett Scott’s recreational interests in the outdoors, traveling, and more.